Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Introducing QR Codes

QR Codes, more formally known as Quick Response Codes, are interactive markers which can be used to link to a wide range of things including websites, images, videos etc. 

People can then scan these codes using a QR Code Reader (free to download) on their smartphone (e.g. IPhone, Android) which will automatically interpret the reading from the marker and send the user through to the content.

The main use of QR Codes is for advertising and is becoming increasingly popular for companies.

More examples of what the QR codes could link to are: 

  • A text message
  • A photo gallery
  • Web page
  • Virtual business card
  • Video or music file
What does everyone think about QR codes? Are they useful? Are they easy to use? 

Lets get some good discussions going...


  1. I love using QR codes! I find that it's an easy way to give information to others. For example, I was training teachers on using QR codes to differentiate instruction as well as on iPad apps for literacy. (It was a busy day!)
    Anyway, I had QR codes for them to scan with their iPads. Each scanned code opened the iTunes URL for a literacy app. The teachers received a folder with their QR codes, leading them to various literacy apps that varied by grade level/subject area taught. It turned out really great, & they were able to envision how each student could have their own QR codes with instructions for an activity in centers, a URL on which they must practice, etc. If I were still teaching high school, I would have QR codes for them to scan to get their homework assignments. Those could be cataloged in a notebook for absent students to scan when they return from the absence.
    So many uses! So easy to incorporate!

  2. Thanks for the comment Amy! That is a brilliant idea about scanning homework assignments! I wish we could have had those whilst I was at school, would have saved a lot of time and effort in printing out endless amounts of paperwork, and would have put a stop to the excuses of 'losing' the work!

  3. I have just downloaded the app for this and scanned your code on the right.
    Thanks for the post, and the content on the web, it's good to have an interactive experience when learning - even at 32!! :)